Tmasque is designed like a Suregal mask, but it is shaped like a T-shirt, made of cotton an is the Ultimate Trave accessory.
Tmasque are Washable, comes in 6 different colors and is a patented product of Norway.

Tmasque will fin in you toiletry bag, in a purse, in your pocket and inside a DVD cover for longer storage.
Keep a Tmasque in your toiletry bag at any time because U never know when it come handy.

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Pit stop at Hell Station

The village of Hell is approximately 2.657.000 square yards, with a population of 352 – which includes Miss Universe 1990. Perhaps the most famous feature is the Hell railway station, with the famous sign stating “Gods Expedition”, which is the Norwegian term for “Cargo Service”. Here you´ll also find the airport in Central Norway: Trondheim Lufthavn (Hell Airport). A blues festival takes place every year at Hell in September, “Blues in Hell”.


Hell is the heart of the communications between northern and southern Norway. Back in the old days you had to cross the river (no, not the Styx) on a ferry to go further north. Hell has a rich historical background and had it´s first known settlement around year 6000 BC. From that time we find the first known runic characters. Hellir, which was the original name of the town, dates back to year 2000 BC. The first bridge across the river was built in 1856, and is now the main thoroughfare on the European Higway No. 6 (Highway to Hell). The river in Stjørdal, one of the most well known salmon and sea trout rivers in Norway, has its delta at Hell.