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You can take any price you like, but there is one price that matters more than others, OSCAR. When you see the nominate under the Oscar they all hold´s a Hellcard.

The Simpsons is television´s funniest, hippest, most irreverent and relevant show. Bart, Lisa, Homer, Marge, Maggi and the rest of the Springfield set.

After nominated Edna Krabappel to the teacher of the year Bart Simpson was named "the Devil in Blue". The Simpsons have always a Halloween Special. Among everybody´s favorite four-fingered cartoon stars there is a Norwegian. He is always funny and drunk and he´s name is Barney Gumble. The creator and executive producer of everybody´s favorite four-fingered cartoon stars is Matt Groening.

Groening was just another unrecognized genius driving to Los Angeles in a crummy car with a coat hanger for a radio antenna. Sometime after midnight on the day of his arrival, his car stalled in the fast lane of the Hollywood Freeway in 100 degree heat. On the radio, a drunken DJ wept a final farewell to his job. It was Groening´s first day in Hell.

In the mid ´80s, renowned producer James L. Brooks approached Groening about using the characters from "Life in Hell" on a new show he was developing for comedian Tracey Ullman.Groening knew this would have meant losing ownership rights to his characters, so he decided to start from scratch. As Groening told Spin magazine. "Who knew if this TV thing would pan out?" Needless to say, it panned out.

Groening´s success owes as much to his own work as it does to the work of a slew of others, including co-creators James Brooks and Sam Simon, and "The Simpsons" writing staff.

Groening is a guy who lunches with Rupert Murdoch and finds him congenial. And yet he speaks like the kid who just made it big, who still can´t believe his luck. What may never happen again is another show that comes along and had the overall importance to a particular company like "The Simpsons" has had for News Corp.

Groening is still basicall the same self-effacing, slightly nerdy cartoonist who began his career in 1977 with the comic strip "Life in Hell".

Scottish by birth, Gordon Ramsay was raised in England after his parents moved south to Stratford-upon-Avon. In May 2004, Ramsay headed “Ramsay’s Kitchen Nightmares,” a series of four one-hour programs, which was awarded a BAFTA.
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The show which saw Ramsay attempt to rescue restaurants around the country in need of immediate assistance, was launched simultaneously with Ramsay’s recipe book “Gordon Ramsay Kitchen Heaven. This was followed by ITV’s “Hell’s Kitchen,” where Ramsay was given two weeks to train celebrities into Michelin-star chefs.

2005 saw a second series of “Ramsay’s Kitchen Nightmares” followed by the very successful FOX version of “HELL’S KITCHEN. Gordon Ramsay also starred in “The F-Word,” a high-octane food show in which the action was set against the backdrop of a full working kitchen. Over the course of the show, Ramsay and his brigade prepared a three-course meal for diners.

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