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terms of use

Welcome to hell.no, the place for everything hellish.

TruTones are the best quality ringtones for your phone. They sound just like a CD and they´re ready to snap up, if your phone´s compatible, below.

1. These terms and conditions apply to the download of Music Tracks, videos, polyphonic and monophonic ringtones, TruTones, graphics and/or games (all known by the generic term "Downloads") from Hell

2. You must ensure that your phone is compatible to receive the Downloads that you wish to receive and acknowledge that prior to placing any order for Downloads you have checked your mobile phone details.

3. You will also be charged for the Download you have ordered if:

3.1. your mobile phone is not compatible with the Download you have ordered for whatever reason including but not limited to the incorrect information;

3.2. you send us an order code which does not correspond with the order code you were given on-screen following the submission of your Download request;

3.3. you receive a Download you consider to be incorrect but which Download corresponds with the correctly entered ID number you were given on-screen following the submission of your Download request.

4. By ordering a Download, you agree to be bound by these terms and conditions and confirm that you are either giving us your mobile phone number or you have permission to send Downloads to that number.

5. You must be at least 16 years old to use this service.

6. When ordering by text message, you will be charged for the text message you send at your standard rate*. The text message that you will receive from us will be charged at the following rate:

Content Type

Anonymous SMS 0.60

Polyphonic Ringtones 1.50

Colour Wallpapers 1.20

Anonymous SMS + Colour Wallpapers 1.20

Games 1.50, 3.00 or 4.50
(Price depends on game, see individual games for details)

TruTones 3.50

For all Game, Polyphonic ringtones, Colour wallpapers and TruTones, once the text message is received, it will be sent to your phone as a WAP link. When you open it, your phone will use WAP to download the item. WAP charges will apply while you download the item**. Please ensure that you have the bill payer´s permission.

7. All downloads constitute valuable intellectual property and you acknowledge that, to their fullest extent possible, they are protected by copyright, design, trade mark, patent and any other applicable intellectual property laws.

8. You may store the Downloads on your device but must not copy, forward, edit, modify, resell or commercially exploit the Downloads. You are licensed to use the Downloads personally; they are not transferable.

9. This service is run in conjunction with our service provider, but we´ll do our best to make sure that you get the same great service that you´d expect from us.

10. We may resend a Download to the same number (up to 2 resends) if there are problems with the Download, corruption of the transmission or non-delivery. We may not be liable to you if for any reason your phone malfunctions as a result of receiving a Download. If after resending, there is still a problem, we may offer an alternative Download or a refund. This is an additional benefit that does not affect your statutory rights.

11. We may provide your personal information to other companies. You should be aware that companies outside the European Union may have a lower standard of protection for personal information than that provided by the Data Protection Act 1998. We will however seek to have your data processed outside the European Union in accordance with English law.

* For Hell customers this will be 3p per text message. Customers of other mobile telephone network operators should check with their provider.

** For Hell customers viewing Bites on standard WAP, standard call costs apply. The average downloading time for Standard WAP is 1 1/2 minutes. Customers should check with their provider.

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