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Among the definitions of the word "devil" as offered by Websters"s Dictionary include "a person of notable energy,
reclessness and dashing spirit".

O.J. Simpson a running back in Denver Brincos, a part of the most sensational trial shown on every newschannel in the world, accused to murder his ex-wife and a friend of his ex-wife.

On June 12, 1994 his former wife Nicole Brown and her friend Ronald Goldman were found dead outside Brown´s condominium. Simpson was soon charged with their murders.

Los Angeles news helicopters tracked down O.J. in his Ford Bronco on a freeway, with old team-mate Al Cowlings driving. In pursuit were six to eight police cars. O.J. reportedly had a gun to his head. CNN interrupted the interview programme, Larry King Live, and delivered the event in realtime to a world audience.

Simpson was considered for the lead role in The Terminator, before it was decided audiences might not accept him as a villain. Claims were, that O.J. was too "nice" for the role of the cold endoskeleton cyborg known as the Terminator.

Chicago Cubs star Sammy Sosa was ejected in the first inning of the game over the Tampa Bay Devil Rays after umpires found cork in his shattered bat.

The Cubs had runners at second and third when Sosa broke his bat with a grounder to second that at first appeared to drive in a run.

In the winter after the 1990 season, Sosa faced accusations of spousal abuse. Sosa was accused of beating his wife after she refused to grant him a divorce.

Major League Baseball confiscated and tested 76 of Sosa´s other bats after his ejection; all were found to be clean, with no cork. Sosa stated that he had accidentally used the corked bat, which he claimed he only used during batting practice and/or homerun contests. Sosa was suspended for eight games on account of the corked bat. However, the suspension was reduced to seven games after appeal.
To win at Wimbledon you need to win 3 out of 5 set. Each set goes to 6 and you need to win each game with 2. That means you are a winner with the numbers 666.

World Number 1 Roger Federer (fourth straight Wimbledon title) at the unveiling of his stamp. The Federer stamp is unique, since living persons do not normally feature on stamps in Switzerland.

Serena Williams won at Wimbledon in 2002 and 2003. She also won the Wimbledon doubles title with her sister Venus for the second time.
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