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If it´s not shocking, it´s not rock ´n´ roll
that´s been true from the first time Internet take a place on our computers. However, sometimes sex can go too far, jolting the most jaded fan with its appetite for excess and real-life drama remember.

Bill Clinton the President of USA have sex with a intern, Monica Lewinski and denied it on national TV. "I have not have sex with that women".

President Bill Clinton Aug. 17, 1998
Good evening.

This afternoon in this room, from this chair, I testified before the Office of Independent Counsel and the grand jury. I answered their questions truthfully, including questions about my private life, questions no American citizen would ever want to answer.

Still, I must take complete responsibility for all my actions, both public and private. And that is why I am speaking to you tonight.

As you know, in a deposition in January, I was asked questions about my relationship with Monica Lewinsky. While my answers were legally accurate, I did not volunteer information. Indeed, I did have a relationship with Miss Lewinsky that was not appropriate. In fact, it was wrong.

Both Sarah Marbeck and Rebecca Loos coming out and claiming that they slept with David Beckham. With the money they´re offering to anyone whose slept with David, we may even see some more women appear in the headlines.

With a bit of luck maybe we´ll get to see a David Beckham and Rebecca Loos video! A la Paris Hilton.
Michael Jackson Accused of Sex Abuse for the second time. For years Michael Jackson´s have been the world´s biggest pop star. All it took to destroy Jackson´s reputation was the accusations of an angry parent.

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