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Rock star, David Bowie said, in Rolling Stone magazine: "Rock has always been the Devil´s Music" Little Richard, one of the pioneers and architects of rock ´n´ roll: "I believe all kind of music is Demonic. A lot of the beats in music today are taken from Voodoo, from the voodoo Drums"

Hell Music Festival (earlier Hell Blues Festival) was founded in 1992. Over the years the public has shown a growing interest in the HMF and tjis year is the headliner the rapper SNOOP DOGG. HMF represents
a wide range of culture and has achieved
an increasing reputation for quality.glasses, hell blues club

The HMF has added to the variety of musical and cultural experiences in the local and regional communities.

Both national and international artists have been engaged and have not only been successful on stage but have also thrived at the festival. The cornerstone of the HMF is the intense and positive blues environment in Hell.


Hell Blues Club and the Hell Blues Choir is also evidence of the thriving local blues environment in Hell. Although the HMF, the choir and the club have three separate administrations and economy, they each play a part in "Hell Blues" cultural variety and joint activities.

Hell Records (HR) was established in 1994 and ceased in 1997. HR was responsible for the production and administration of the concert recording "Unplugged Live in Hell". HMF owns two-thirds of the stocks.


Through the promotion of HMF, the area has succeeded in achieving a positive tone without the use of satanic symbolism. Instead, the HMF has used the curiosity connected to the English meaning, which speaks for itself, in a serious manner combined with a touch of humour.

hell church, hell blues clubHELL CHURCH

The traditional Hell Blues Festival´s Church Concert was held at the 1000 year old Hell Church on Sunday evening.


The Hellodrome Arena at Værnes Air Field, is a very suitable arena for bigger concerts, and holds up to 7000 spectators. A coalition with the military at Værnes gives a quality guarantee, necessary for a concert this size.
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