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member benefits

Membership comes with any personalized e-mail address. And the devil´s dues are quite tempting. For example, one year´s use of a simple protest address, like your.name@war.hell.no, or a special Halloween-inspired addresses, like your.name@halloween.hell.no is FREE!

The most exclusive monikers of devilish ingenuity costs US$ 666,- for 12 months of unlimited use. Credit card payments are made through a secure, Norwegian-based electronic payment system.

Your membership also includes Webaccess to your mail.

And when the devil´s dues are OK, the you can also choose from a large selection of hellish electronic greeting cards. Some are slightly offensive, others spooky, all humorous - at least to the sender. Perhaps your boss deserves a greeting from Hell. Or your cheating spouse. At Halloween you could send everyone in your address book a greeting card from the underworld. Or an invitation, roaring with hellfire, to a Halloween party.

As a member of Hell, you can do your shopping at the Black Market - the store in Hell, with products you can only buy here.

Remember that every order will arrived officially stamped in HELL.

Extra feature: Computer viruses can be pesky little demons. As a member of Hell, you get immunity from the Prince himself. The site protects you by filtering all mail that you receive with the latest, most fireproof anti-virus software anywhere.

The train to Hell, Norway, trundles across the Jotunheimen Mountains - home of the titans - and gradually penetrates the icy rings of the damned. But when you get off at Hell station, mind the gap. It´s bottomless . . .

See you in Hell . . .


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