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Hand-signal formed by a fist with the pinky and index fingers extended, known variously as the "devil´s horns".


Perhaps one of the most dominant features of the metalhead culture is the "Il Cornuto" hand-signal formed by a fist with the pinky and index fingers extended, known variously as the "devil´s horns", the "metal fist" and other similar descriptors.

The "Il Cornuto" was originally an occult sign used to ward off the evil eye in Eastern Europe. An example of this can be found in the early chapters of Bram Stoker´s Dracula. This gesture was first popularised by singer Ronnie James Dio while a member of Black Sabbath in the 1980s and was quickly adopted into the metalhead sub-culture.

"Throwing the horns" or "showing the metal fist" very soon became a way for metalheads to recognise and acknowledge each other and to show their appreciation for almost anything from a song or a band to virtually anything else they enjoyed.

While the gesture still has strong ties to metal, over the last decade or so its appearance in popular mainstream films such as Bill and Ted´s Excellent Adventure has caused it to be adopted into almost every youth sub-culture, often to the chagrin of metalheads who feel that its status as a sacred element of their lifestyle has been cheapened by its overuse outside the community.

Commonality among metalheads is also found in their typical interest in a range of subjects that have a particular connection with the music itself. These subjects seem to chiefly but not exclusively include horror films, science fiction, occultism, blood and gore imagery, weaponry (e.g. swords, knives, firearms etc) and militaria, fantasy (with particular attention to the work of JRR Tolkien), and Celtic and Nordic culture and mythology.

coca colaEven Coca Cola Company use the "sign" on their bottles. We have found labels on Cola bottles with one of Santa´s helper giving the devil sign.

Hell have used the same Santa to produce some Postcards.

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