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anonymous hate mail
With our anonymous Hate Mail address, you can send untraceable messages straight from Hell. It´s allowed you to send only one message. Before you must fill in your name etc. and start all over again.
This is the addresses to use when you want to "bully the bully". A few rules for those who feel compelled to send the inane musings of their last, festering brain cell.

Your name and address will be kept anonymous!
"Deal With The Devil" directly and send untraceable SMS straight from Hell. Names of your choice will appear on the recivers phone instead of your telephonenumber.

Send a message with delivery Time and Date of your choice. You can sit in the same room as the person who you send a SMS to. The Devil´s Dues on a Anonymous Spells is 0.60.
First of all, a suicide bomber will never go to Heaven. Suicide bombers go to Hell by choice to kill innocent people. Suicide bombers will go away to shame and eternal punishment. Hell is not a party-place for suicide-bombers or a fun place to be. Hell is not temporary and will last forever and we are obliged to accept that fact. There are no second chance in Hell and the punishment are eternal, eternal life and heaven is threfore blocked.
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