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Hell is real, but it´s not as hot as you might think. In fact it´s frozen over. On the map you´ll find Hell, Norway, at 63 degrees N latitude, near the Arctic Circle.

All of this addresses is Free. With your personalized e-mail address, you can send messages straight from Hell. You can also choose from a large selection of hellish electronic greeting cards. Some are slightly offensive, others spooky, all humorous - at least to the sender.


Perhaps your boss deserves a greeting from Hell. Or your cheating spouse. So if you are angry at someone / something or just want to give someone a good laugh on a special occasion, like Halloween or Valentine¥s Day.


Membership comes with the purchase of any personalized e-mail adddress. And the devil´s dues are quite tempting. For example, one year´s use of a simple protest address - like your.name@war.hell.no. Special Halloween-inspired addresses - like your.name@treat.hell.no


But the world´s most exclusive e-mail address hell.no cost $ 6.66. Receive your own e-mail address with the unique and highly versatile hell.no domain name.


As a member you can also do your shopping at the Black Market. This is where the tough guys and gals hang out to buy cool stuff which you can only get here!

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Computer viruses can be pesky little demons. As a member you get immunity from the Prince himself. The site protects you by filtering all mail that you receive with the latest, most fireproof anti-virus software anywhere.
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