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Hell is an overpopulated place where several famous people as Frank Sinatra, Dean Martin, Lady Diana and Mahatma Gandhi seem to live next to more obvious people as Adolf Hitler. Only Mormons seem to go to Heaven.

The most influential and bizarre celeb cases in the past few decades. It´s a long, strange trip indeed. Bizarre behavior, drug cases, illegal possession of painkillers, and for being under the influence of a drug.

A story dated back to 1994 about Lady Di. All the hurt, frustration and desperation of the past year erupted when Princess Diana and her sons William and Harry left a screening of Jurrassic Park on Empire Cinema in London´s Leicester Square.

The freelance photographer Keith Butler and men like him, screamed the Princess, had made her life "Hell".

The Princess died in a tragic car accident in a Paris road tunnel in August 1997.

Brotherhood of Death, or, more informally, the Order of Skull and Bones. In the spring semester of their junior years at Yale University, John Kerry and George W. Bush were tapped on the shoulder and abruptly asked:

"Skull and Bones, accept or reject?"

Both answered, "Accept."

The hangman equals death. The devil equals death. Death equals death ...

And what about the devil? Is that the secret they´ve been covering up ever since the society was founded in 1832, the offshoot of a German secret society: devil worship? A fulfillment of the paranoid fantasies of the fundamentalist right, who believe the Eastern establishment is a front for Satanic conspiracy.
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