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awards, ambassadoer
The ambassador of Hell Diploma is awarded annually. It is nominated to someone who has internationally promoted Hell in a positive and favourable manner. The media and public have shown increasing interest in proud nominees who receive the award signed by the "Mayor of Hell". Both the BBC radio and Metro FM have had live broadcasting from Hell to millions of listeners in England, giving Norway publicity worth millions.

Bob Geldof has received many awards for this work, including an honorary knighthood from Queen Elizabeth II.

As he is not a citizen of a Commonwealth realm, Geldof is precluded from using the title "Sir".

Regardless, the nickname "Sir Bob" has stuck, and even media reports will frequently (and erroneously) refer to him as "Sir Bob Geldof".

In February 2006, Geldof was among the 191 nominees for the Nobel Peace Prize.

In June 2006, Geldof was awarded Ambassadoer of Hell.

In a list compiled by the magazine New Statesman in 2006, he was voted third in the list of "Heroes of our time".

                                               BERNIE MARSDEN

bernie marsdenThe x-Whitesnake guitarist, for his tribute song, 2000 miles to Hell, dedicated to Hell.

A live album is "Live in Hell - unplugged", (1994, Castle) recorded at Hell Festival with this lineup:

Bernie Marsden (guitar, vocals)
Micky Moody (guitar)
Peter Stroud (bass)
John Trotter (drums)

rica hell hotelJOHN

The Honeymoon Couple" from Newcastle, who went to Portugal on their honeymoon, a trip where anything that could go wrong, went wrong, and even more so. So wrong, they composed a 32-page complaint to the English travel agency, which resulted in a newspaper headline: "Honeymoon in Hell".

The couple received an invitation to Norway to visit the "real" Hell. During their honeymoon weekend in Hell and the nearby vicinity, they visited a variety of local attractions. This time the headlines back home were now: "A honeymoon in Hell, is like paradise".
Miss Universe 1990 Mona Grudt is born and raised in Hell. Besides being a famous model she is the official ambassador of Hell. She received the award along with her husband Lasse Berre at their wedding in june 1995. (now divorced).

Mona Grudt has been introduced on "The Late Show" by David Letterman as the Beauty Queen from Hell and asked if her father is the Devil...   but as you all know he isn´t!

Our boss received spam this week from Hell. For as little as nothing, a company called Hell Products Inc. (www.hell.no) offered to make him an "honorary Hellion," with an electric varirty of services ranging from the demonic (Hellish e-greeting cards) to protest addresses (joe@war.hell.no).

Hell Products invites interested recipients to pay by credit card over the Web or - to visit Hell in person. But be careful; as the spam warns, the train to Hell "trundles across the Jotunheimen Mountains ... (to) the icy rings of the damned. But when you get off at Hell station, mind the gap. It´s bottomless."
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